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Thule Expeditions is based on a huge passion for outdoor adventures in Greenland and other arctic regions - I wish to share this passion by inviting you to join my Trekking & Ski expeditions

About me

My name is Kristian Salomonsen, and I am originally from Denmark. But I lived 2 years in Greenland as a child. There I developed a strong passion for the outdoors. After finishing highschool in Denmark, I moved to Norway for studying arctic outdoorlife (friluftsliv) at “Øytun Folkehøgskole” for one year.

After that I moved to Svalbard for doing a one year “Arctic Nature Guide” study programme. The aim of the study is to certify guides to guide on tentbased hiking/ski trips in arctic climates at all seasons. 

After completing that study with success, I moved back to mainland Norway and started studying archaeology. And in the summers seasons I worked as a glacier guide/instructor, guiding many glacier hiking trips in southern Norway. I also have a big passion for alpine climbing.

Therefore I spent my summers from 2014, working as an alpine climbing guide/instructor at Lofoten Mountain Guides in northern Norway.

I feel a strong connection with Greenland, and therefore I am looking forward to share in many nature experiences with you in the future! Simply because the potential rewards from going trekking and skiing in Greenland can be huge.

Kristian Salomonsen - Greenland trekking guide

Arctic Nature Guide

The main goal of the Arctic Nature Guide study is to certify guides to guide on multiday trekking and ski tours in arctic areas.

During the course of the study programme, students are tested on multiple trekking expeditions in autum, and several longer ski expeditions on glaciated terrain in winter.

Students are expected to develop good skills and routines with relevant safety issuses in the Arctic, such as Polar bear safety, safe travel and rescue on glaciers, safe travel and rescue throught potential avanlanche terrain.

Thus enabling the guide students to conduct safe and meaningful trips and expeditions in arctic environments.

For further info about the "Arctic Nature Guide" certification, please follow link below:


Arctic Nature Guide - Requirements and study programme

Arctic Nature Guide - Thule Expeditions

Arctic Nature Guide

Outdoor CV

  • One year Outdoor studies at Øytun Folkehøgskole, Northern Norway, 2008-2009

  • Arctic Nature Guide study on Svalbard, 2009-2010

  • Glacier Instructor Certification, Norweigian Standard 2013

  • Bachelor in Archaeology from University in Trondheim, 2013

  • Half year course in alpine climbing/off piste skiing at Lofoten Mountain Guides, 2014

  • Half year course in off-piste skiing and avalanche evaluation at Ski og Skred, 2015

  • Alpine Climbing instructor Certification, Norweigian Standard 2015

  • Master degree in Archaeology from University in Trondheim. Master thesis about the Inuit "Thule Culture". 2018

  • Ski instructor alpine, IVSI, 2020

Kristian Salomonsen - mountain climbing
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