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Traverse of Jotunheimen
The Glacier Way 

Wild hut-hut hike in Norway - 9 days

Experience spectacular mountain & glacier scenery
Learn basic glacier travel techniques
Enjoy the cosy atmosphere in the huts after a beautiful hike


This is wild trek through the big mountain area in heart of Norway called Jotunheimen. In this area there is an amazing network of cosy norweigian mountain huts that will provide us with a warm bed every evening, aswell as all meals througout the trek. 

Thus making it possible to explore this unreal spectacular area with light backpacks.


The plan of the trek is to do a "off -road glacier " day, every second day on the trip.


Day 1, Meeting up at "Gjendesheim" in the afternoon. Presentations among the group, followed by preparing all backpacks for the upcoming trek. 1 night accomodation at Gjendesheim

Day 2, Hiking the famous route called "Besseggen" from Gjendesheim to Memurubu. 1 night lodging at Memurubu.

Day 3, Hike to the Surtningssue glacier. Here we will have a fun day exploring the lower parts of the glacier. Back to Memurubu, 1 night lodging.

Day 4, Hike from Memurubu to Gjendebu. We are going trek on the famous "Bukkelægeret" path. 1 night lodging at Gjendebu.

Day 5, Day hike from Gjendebu to one of the nearby glaciers, and hopefully if weather and conditions allow it, going to one of the spectacular summits. Back to Gjendebu, 1 night lodging.

Day 6, Long hiking day from Gjendebu to Spiterstulen via the spectacular "Urdadalen". 20 kilometres. 1 night lodging at Spiterstulen.

Day 7, Glacier day on the "fairytale ice" close to Spiterstulen. We will have a fun day exploring the amazing ice formations found in this amazing glacier. Back to Spiterstulen

Day 8, Hike to the highest mountain in Norway "Galdhøpiggen". Descending via the"stygge glacier" to have 1 night accomodation at "Juvasshytta". 

Day 9, Hike from Juvasshytta to the amazing "Elveseter hotel". This day we are leaving the high mountains of Jotuneheimen and descending into the green and lush valley below. The rest of the day will be spent with relaxing and having a good dinner and farewell gathering in the cosy surroundings at Elveseter. 

Day 10, participants are leaving with the public transport from Elveseter.

Dates & Prices

Tour price: 15.000 DKK pr. person

Dates: Later part of June - early July 2023.

Exact dates will be published soon.

Mininum number of participants: 4

Max number of participants: 6

If in interested in booking, or if this trek is the right one for you, please do not hesitate to contact me

+47 48604292

Who is this trip for

This is a itenerary that is based on hiking from hut to hut, and thus we can hike with a light backpack, as we do not need to carry equipment and food for camping out in the wild.

However still this trek requires a good hiking fitness, and some days might be 15-20 kilometres of hiking, and some days may covering less distance, but more vertical gain up to 1000- 1500 height metres.

Therefore it is mandatory to train your hiking fitness before to this trek, and to make sure that your boots are not causing you any blisters. And we will have to carry lightweight glacier equipment with through all the trek.

If you do show up well prepared, you will be rewarded with an amazingly spectacular trek through one of the most impressive mountain landscapes in Norway.

And hopefully you will become friends with the unreal scenic norweigian nature, aswell as hopefully making some new friends in our fellowship.

Location & Transport

"Gjendesheim" lies in the eastern part of Jotunheimen, and be accessed with bus from the cities of "Lillehammer" and "Otta". Follow link below to see possibilities for going to Gjendesheim with public transport.

Transport to Gjendesheim

Below there is a link with information about public transport from "Elveseter".

Transport from Elveseter

Thule Expeditions will of course help with info on arriving and leaving from Gjendeheim/Elveseter. However ultimately participants are responsible themselves for the transport schedule.

What is included

  • Services of a qualified Arctic Nature Guide and Glacier Instructor

  • All glacier equipment

  • All meals from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 10

  • 9 nights accomodation in cosy mountain huts. Shared dormitory standards

  • All safety equipment, including satellite phone and satellite emergency beacons

What is not included

  • ​Transport to/from the start and ending point of the trek (Gjendesheim and Elveseter).

  • Personal clothing (must be able to cope with temperatures down to zero degrees celsius)

  • Sea to summit liner (lightweigt, details will follow)

  • Backpack (minimum 45 litres)

  • Hiking boots (well trodden and not causing blisters)

  • All additional services at the mountain huts like: snacks, beers, beverages, showers ect.

  • Trekking poles (not mandatory)

  • Personal Hygienics

  • Any extra expense due to unforeseen events/changes (later arrival back at end point, delayed transport, extra logistics and accomodation)

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