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Consultancy Service

Dreaming about a special outdoor/expedition project, but don't know where to start?
Purchase customized descriptions/plans of how to make your project/dream become reality
Longtime experience with creating original expeditions plans and logistical solutions
Specialized knowledge/experience about outdoor/expedition projects in Greenland, Svalbard and Norway



I have now over a decade of experience with guiding/instructing trekking, glacier, climbing and skiing trips and courses in Greenland, Svalbard and Norway. 

And further, I have a lot of experience in solving all the logistical problems that is connected to making expedition/outdoor projects turn into reality.

It is my belief that a lot of people out there could benefit from knowledge I have accumulated.

If you like so many others, have a dream that you want to live, but feel you are being overwhelmed by all the permissions, transport, language, safety/SAR and other logistical challenges to such an degree that it keep's you from living your dream, you should definetely contact me so that we can figure out a detailed step-by-step solution to getting you started.

Feel free to contact me:

+47 48604292

Who is this option for

This is a service for those who are having dreams about making any outdoor/expedition project become reality, but do not have suffiecient time or knowledge on how to deal with all the logistical challenges that for sure will arise along the way.


These plans/descriptions will naturally become highly customized to your specific needs.


Therefore will the price for the service be completely dependent on the amount of work needed to create a solution for your project.

In reality, this means that you will need to contact me, and very detailed explain about your project and what you need help with. And following we will make a written agreement on how many pages of solutions you can expect back from me, and finally we will agree on a price for the service.

So, please do not hesitate to contact me about your dream project!


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