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Ski Expedition Course - Norway

Polar expedition skills course at Finse - 10 days

Learn winter camping/navigation/safety routines and techniques
Learn basic glacier travel/rescue for ski expditions in glaciated areas
Learn basic avalanche skills for doing ski expeditions in potentially avalanche prone areas
Good training for those thinking about a longer ski expedition in polar regions


This is a extended expedition course where the aim is to make sure that all participants will get the basics skills right, but at the same time being introduced to more advanced skills needed to conduct multiday tent-based ski expeditions.


The course starts with arriving at Finse train station on day 1. After arriving all participants will be lodged in the self serviced cabin "Brebua". After being lodged we will start to pack and prepare for leaving the day after.

On day 2 we will leave for a 3 days (2 nights) tentbased ski trip, from which we will return to Finse Cabin on day 4 in the afternoon. 1 night in shared dormitory

On day 5 we will start out with indoor navigation and avalanche terrain recognition lessons before lunch.. After lunch we will head out to practice navigation and recognizing avalanche terrain. Arriving back at cabin and 1 night in shared dormitory. 

On day 6 we will start indoors with introduction to glacier travel&rescue. After lunch we will head out and practice travelling together in a rope team with sledges, and perform basic rescue excersices. The rest of the day will be spent packing and preparing for leaving the day after. 1 night in shared dormitory

On day 7 we are leaving for a 5 day (4 nights) ski trip ascended up on the glacier platueau of the great "Hardanger jøkulen ice cap" located in close proximity to Finse.

On this trip, all of our skills has to come together on this trip, good winter camping routines, glacier travel/basic rescue, basic and advanced navigation, recognizing and avoiding avalanche terrain and good group management.

Arriving back at Finse cabin on day 11. Participants are leaving with the train in the afternoon/evening.

Who is this course for

This course if for those who wants to learn basic skills, and being introduced to more advanced skills needed to conduct longer ski expeditions in polar regions.

This is a itenerary that is more for people who wants to actively learn new skills themselves, and not so much about "just following in the foot-steps of the guide".

On the first 3 day tent trip the focus will be on learning solid winter camping and ski travel routines. 

And then we will add on more advanced themes like glacier/avalanche/navigation, as the course is progressing.

Thus we will build our skills in gradual step-by- step, all the time making sure that we are never exceeding our capabilities, for therein lies one of the most important aspects of doing ski expeditions in wild arctic regions!

Dates & Price


Course price: 14.000 DKK 

Dates: On request

Arriving at Finse latest at ?

 Leaving in the afternoon/evening on the ?

If interested in booking, or having any further questions, please contact me.


+47 48604292

Location & Transport


"Finse station is located at the great Hardangervidda. Winter starts early here, and there is a long tradition for using this place as a training ground for polar and himalayan expeditions.

Finse can only be accessed by train via the trainline that runs between Oslo and Bergen. Train tickets can be found here:

Norweigian Train Company

It is thus possible to arrive either in Bergen or Oslo, and then take the train from there to Finse station.

What is included

  • Services of a qualified Arctic Nature guide

  • All meals from dinner on day 1, to lunch on day 11

  • 4 nights accomodation at Finse in shared dormitory

  • All glacier equipment

  • Expedition equipment, tents, stoves, cooking utensils, thermos bottle, snow shovel, sledges equipped with a drag system, harness for sledge

  • All safety equipment, including satellite phone, satellite beacons

  • Rental skis, ski poles, skins (NOT ski boots)

What is not included

  • Transport to/from Finse station

  • Ski boots (must be very warm and compatible with the binding system NNN BC)

  • Personal clothing ( must be able to cope with minus 30 celsius for multiple days)

  • Sleeping bag ( must have a minimum comfort temperature of minus 25 celsius)

  • Sleeping mat (minimum R-value of 6)

  • Personal hygienics

  • Personal travel insurance

  • Any extra expenses due to unforeseen events and changes (delayed flights, extra logistics and accomodation)

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