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Ski Touring in East Greenland 

Exploratory ski expedition in one of the most beautiful places on earth - 4 weeks

Experience unreal spectacular glacier & mountain scenery

Explore new ski touring lines in a remote location

Learn good camping/navigation/glacier skills &tecniques

Learn ski touring/avalanche awareness and rescue


This is a wild ski expedition through one the most spectacular places on earth. We will be walking and skiing on Randonee touring skis, and drag along all our equipment and food in specialized sledges.


A very large part of the trip will take place on the glacier valleys that runs in between the big mountains (Nunataks) of east Greenland.

The trip in Greenland starts with meeting up at the Kulusuk hotel, from where we will travel by boat to the start of the ski trip. After completing our ski trip we will return to Kulusuk hotel by boat and travel home by plane.

Due to the overall seriousness of this expedition, all participants must complete 2 preparation course in Norway, prior to the trip in Greenland. 


The reason for this is that it is important to build the skill level in our group in a gradual way, prior to embarking on a 4 week long expedition in Greenland.


In springtime the area is in general in a "good weather cycle", and a lot of sunny days can be expected. However there are of course always exceptions to this, and it is impotant that we as a group have trained a lot on managing bad weather camping. In addition, in general the snow is in " spring cycle" making it very supportive of our weight, thus creating very safe conditions for travelling around on the massive glaciers in this area. And further the spring cycle makes it possible to find very good/safe skiing options!


There is of course also exceptions to this, and the guide will make all route decisions based on the current glacier/snow conditions.

This expedition is to been seen as a excellent alternative to the more "traditional" ice cap crossing of Greenland!

Who is this trip for

This expedition is for those who want a true ski expedition in a very wild and remote part of the world. The trip is a demanding outing due to several factors, amongst others because of it's lenght 4 weeks, because it is based on sleeping in tents in wintertime, and because a big part of the trip will happen on glaciated ground.

And further, this is a " Randonee - Ski touring" version of the trip. Meaning that we are aiming at moving our campsites by pulling all equipment along in our sledges. But everytime we are arriving at an area where there is potential for doing a "Randonee Backcountry" ski tours up in the mountains, we will leave camp where it is, and pack our backpack ready for exploring new ski touring lines.

So, how much "Randonee-ski touring" can you expect? It is hard to say exactly, as the trip is highly exploratory. Therefore the trip is first and foremost for those who desires to walk in front of a sledge, and explore this amazing area from down below in the glacier valleys (Nordic Expedition Style). And then see all "Randonee - Ski tours" that we end up doing, as an "added bonus". 


If all you want to do is "Randonee - Ski touring" all the time, and ski "rad/crazy" lines everyday, this is NOT the trip for you.

In the ideal world we would aim at something like: 60 % moving campsites through the glacier valleys (Nordic Expedition Style), and 40 % "Randonee - Ski touring". But as it is impossible to say whether these percentages are realistic to reach, it is much better to show up with a genuine desire to just explore the area by pulling your sledge and moving to new campsites through spectacular glacier valleys. And then simply "expect nothing" with regards to doing "Randonee - Ski tours", and then see all ski tours that we actually end up doing, as a great bonus to the trip.

Therefore it is important that all participants are motivated for preparing in the best possible way, doing so by following all advices given online, and further all participants must complete the expedition courses held in Norway. It is here expected that all participants are contributing actively on the courses.

The overall seriousness of the expedition roughly equals that of a springtime ice cap crossing. However, we are adding the "ski touring" element to the this itenerary.

If preparing properly, and being truly motivated for doing a long ski expedition in a remote corner of the world, you will be rewarded with unbelievable beautiful and spectacular sceneries, that it is not really possible to describe in any justifying way. It simply has to be experienced to truly believe that this place actually exists, and is not just a dream world.

Expedition courses in Norway

There are two different courses that all participants must participate on, in order to join in on the long trip in Greenland. 

Permission to join the trip in Greenland is unfortunately not guaranteed. The expedition leader will after each course is finished, do a proper evaluation of all participants, and give an individual feedback on the performance during the course.

Here you could be told that unfortunately you have to train more on specific topics before being allowed to join the expedition on Greenland.

The courses is meant to prepare all participants in the best possible way for doing the long ski expedition on Greenland.

The first course is all about learning how to do "Nordic Ski Expeditions", wintercamping, navigation, cold management etc. Follow link below:

Ski Expedition course - 6 days

The second course is all about learning how to do "Randonee Ski Touring". Follow link below:

Freeride Course - 7 days

The overall goal is then that all the skills learned on the two preparation courses in Norway, all come together in harmony for the trip in Greenland.



Itenerary for East Greenland:

Day 1

Arriving in Kulusuk. All participants meet up at Hotel Kulusuk. 1 night accomodation in the hotel.

Day 2

Packing and preparing all sledges. One night accomodation in the hotel. Or alternatively leaving for Kuumiut if sea ice and weather conditions 

Day 3

Leaving Kulusuk by boat or dog sledge/snow scooter, to the start of the ski trip.

Day 4 - 31

4 week ski expedition in the wild.

Day 31

Arriving in Kuumiut, or other suitable pickup spot, and returning to Kulusuk hotel.

Day 32-34

We schedule these days as "buffer days", to better be able to handle unforeseen events such as bad weather or similar. Minimum 2 nights accomodation in Kulusuk hotel, before it is advised to plan on leaving with the plane back home.

Dates & Price


Price: 65.000 DKK pr. person

Minimum 6 participants.

Maximum 6 participants.

Dates: On request

If interested in booking, or having any further questions please contact me 


+47 48604292

What is included/not included for the expedition courses in Norway

The same items that are already described as included/not included on the respective descritions of the courses, will also be valid for this itenerary. The only exception to this, is that for the "Ski expedition course - 6 days", participants has to bring all their own "Randonee ski touring equipment", and no nordic ski equipment will be provided by Thule Expeditions.​​​

Location & Transport



Kulusuk is the main gateway to east Greenland. You can fly there from Iceland with Icelandair:


Alternatively Kulusuk can be reached from Nuuk, flying with airgreenland:


What is included for Greenland

  • Services of a qualified Arctic Nature Guide / Isia ski teacher

  • All meals on the ski expedition, including plenty of snacks

  • 4 nights in Hotel Kulusuk (not including meals, except for breakfast)

  • Expedition equipment, tents, stoves, cooking utensils, thermos bottle, snow shovel, pulkas equipped with a drag system, drag harness for pulkas

  • All safety equipment including: satellite phone, satellite emergency beacons

  • Polar bear safety equipment

  • All Glacier equipment (rental)

  • Transport from/to Kulusuk hotel to start/end of the ski expedition

What is not included for Greenland

  • Flight to/from Kulusuk

  • Extra Hotel accomodation in Kulusuk (if needed) 

  • All Meals/drinks in Kulusuk or Kuumiut

  • Randonee ski touring equipment: skis (minimum 100 mm in middle), ski boots, poles, skins, helmet/googles

  • Backpack (made for ski touring)

  • Avalanche beacon, probe, shovel (only metal blade/shaft)

  • Personal clothing (must be able to cope with minus 25 celsius for multiple days

  • Sleeping bag (must have a minimum comfort temperature of minus 15 celsius)

  • Sleeping mat (minimum R-value of 6)

  • Personal Hygenics

  • Personal Travel insurance (must included Search and Rescue coverage)

  • Any extra expenses due to unforeseen events and changes (delayed flights, extra logistics and accomodation)

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