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Heli & Ski touring week

Explore new off-piste runs in the amazing Nuuk fiord 
12 hours of heli flight time

Boat access to remote ski tours

Experience untouched nature by skiing in spectacular settings

Ski the best spring "corn" snow in arctic surroundings

Learn and refresh avalanche rescue/evaluation skills

Experience the capital city of Greenland - Nuuk

Stay in the comfortable Hotel Hans Egede


This is an intenerary that consist of 6 potential skiing days. We have 12 hours of heli flight time available for distributing throughout the 6 days as we wish. Meaning, that we can use the heli time for when the weather and conditions are absoulutely best for skiing. Therefore it is hard to say exactly how many heliskiing days we will have. 


However, in the ideal world we will have 2 days of good weather, and then use 5 hours heliskiing on these days.

In this case, the remaining 3 days will be spent doing backcountry ski tours in this amazing fiord system. We will use boats to access these remote ski tours.

Ideally we will use day 1 as a ski touring day where we are starting off with practicing avalanche rescue. 

In this scenario, day 2+3 could then be heliskiing days, and day 4+5 backcountry touring days.

But again, the exact program will depend very much on the actual weather. This is to ensure that the precious heliskiing hours will be used to it's fullest!

 If in doubt of whether this itenerary suits you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dates & Price


Total price for up to 4 persons: 420.000 DKK 

Dates in 2025:


30 of March - 6 of April

6 of April - 13 of April

Arrival dates: 30 of March + 6 of April.

Leaving dates 6 + 13 of April

If interested in booking, or having any further questions please contact me 


+47 48604292

Who is this trip for

This is a trip for those who wants truly untouched ski runs in unreal spectacular mountain/fiord landscapes.

During this time of the year, the snow is in a "spring cycle". Meaning that in a lot of slopes we can expect stable snow, and further ski the best "corn" snow to be found in this area. This will be likely to be found in east, south and western aspects.

However, in higher elevations and in north facing slopes, we could also very likely find fresh powder runs all the way down to the fiord.

Therefore, it is ideal if participants are bringing touring skis with a waist width of 100 mm, or close to this.

To get the maximum out of this itenerary, participants should have a fair of both skiing and touring experience from before.

Meaning, participants should have done at least 10 full days of touring earlier, by walking up with your skins on, and then ski down.

And all participants should be able to ski slopes of up to 35 degrees of angle with appropriate speed control.

If in doubt of whether your skiing/touring experience are sufficient for this trip, please contact me to discuss further.

Location & Transport


Nuuk is the largest city in Greenland and has a long and interesting history. Therefore it is well worth to spend some of the time we are not skiing, with exploring the city.

Visit Greenland - Nuuk

Check out hotel that is included in the price:

Hotel Hans Egede

From late 2024, it is possible to fly directly from Copenhagen to Nuuk.

All flights to/from Nuuk can be booked with airgreenland.

Air Greenland

What is included in the price
  • ​Services of a qualified Arctic Nature Guide
  • 12 hours of heli flight time
  • Boat tours for the days it is necessary
  • Lunch when out skiing
  • 7 night hotel accomodation in city center (including breakfast)
  • All transport from arrival in Nuuk on day 1 to morning on day 7

What is not included 

  • Transport to/from Nuuk

  • Ski touring equipment (Randonee) touring skis, poles, boots, skins, avalanche beacons, shovel, probe

  • Personal clothing (must be able to cope with minus 15 celsius ( 5 degrees Fahrenheit)

  • Ski touring back pack

  • Ski touring helmet, googles/sunglasses

  • Dinners

  • Personal Travel insurance 

  • Any extra expenses due to unforeseen events and changes (delayed flights, extra logistics and accomodation)

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