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Off-Road Rollerski

When the corona crisis started, I was staying temporarily in Denmark where I was packing and preparing for a ski expedition on Greenland. Due to the numerous lockdowns and travel restrictions, I was staying almost all of 2020 in the country. As it was not possible for me to go on the ski trips I had planned, I started doing rollerski trips in Denmark.To my great surprise I discovered that rollerskiing is an amazing healthy and fun ski disciplin. And futher, Denmark is just an amazing country to do this ski activity in.

I also discovered that there existed "off-road rollerskis", or also known as "cross-skates", that enables you to roll through beautiful forests and countryside landscape. 

I quickly discovered that doing off-road rollerskiing is one of the funniest but also most peaceful ski activities that I know about.

Further there is a very well functioning brake system on these off-road rollerskis. This is increasing the overall safety a lot. I have enjoyed rolling through the countryside so much that I now believe that rollerskiing should be seen as an amazing ski discipline in it's own rightm, and not only as "good training for the winter". This ski activity can give you amazing nature experiences, aswell as being one of the most healthy ways of excercising that exists.

But in order to enjoy this activity you have to have a minimum of "good skiing technique". Therefore I am now offering off-road rollerski courses in the idyllic nature in Denmark. Feel free to check out the course contents by following the links below.

Hope very much to see you on a rollerski course.

Off-Road Rollerski course
Off-Road Rollerski course - Denmark
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