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   Off-Road Rollerski - 5 days

Learn to roll through beautiful forests and countryside far away from road traffic

Develop skills that are very relevant for cross-country, nordic bc and alpine skiing

Experience some of Denmarks finest nature by rolling through it on specialized off-road rollerskis

Enjoy 6 nights stay at the charming and idyllic old mansion "Hald Hovedgård"


Denmark is an amazing "rollerski country".

This course gives a very through introduction to roll off-road through forests and countryside. Thus avoiding roads with car traffic.

To roll through Denmarks idyllic nature is an amazing experience when having the skillset needed to feel condident on these off-road rollerskis.

In addition to creating great nature experiences, it is also a really fun activity that makes you smile automatically when rolling down a steep hill in the woods.

But in order to enjoy this activity to it's fullest a certain level of good technique is needed.

"Good technique" means amongst others, good position/balance, braking technique and good classic and skating technique.

And that is what this course is all about!

Through various excercises and trips to develop overall good ski technique.

The course will then be a mix between doing excercises and being out on trips, but the aim is to be on as many trips as possible in the idyllic nature in the middle of Jutland.

The exact trips will decided based on the weather and the general level in our group.

We will use at least 2 days exploring the great area at Hald Ege. But for the rest of the days it is possible that we are going to other locations such as Rold Skov, Hjermind Skov and Silkeborg skovene.

The days will no matter what feel like quite long days and be very physically demanding. Therefore will day 3 be split up into doing rollerskiing exercises on training course before lunch, and after lunch the day will be spent doing sightseeing at cultural historic site.

But day 1-2 and 4-5 will be long days outside on rollerskis.

Therefore it is important to everyday pack a backpack with enough food/drink and warm/waterproof clothing, for being outside the whole day.

Who is this course for

This course is an "in-depth" course, and thus for those who really wants to learn about off-road rollerskiing.

Further you will develop skills that are very relevant for cross-country, nordic bc and alpine skiing in a resort.

The rollerskis that we are using on the course, fits onto all kinds of shoes and boots.

Therefore participants do not need to own any specialized equipment in order to participate.

However it is recommended to bring solid running shoes and/or hiking boots.

Further you need to bring your bicycle helmet aswell.

Since this is an extended course, it is a great advantage (but not a demand) if you do have a little experience from skiing earlier.

Further it is very recommended to train in advance on your old rollerblades either inliners or classic (if you have such lying at home).


Dates & price

Price 7500 DKK pr. person

Dates: 16-21 October 2023

Arrival during the afternoon/evening on the 16. october

Leaving during the morning on the 22. october

Max 6 participants

If interested in booking please follow link below:

If you have any questions please contact me:


+47 48604292


The "basecamp" for our course will be the amazing "Hald Hovedgård" which lies close to the historic city of "Viborg", Denmark.

At "Hald Hovedgård" you will be accomodated in your own private room, with shared showers/toilets.

If arriving by public transport in Viborg, transfer can be arranged from Viborg to Hald Hovedgård.

You can read more about the beautiful old mansion by following the link below. It is the rooms in the "annex" that is included in the price.

Hald Hovedgård rooms

What is included

  • Instruction from a IVSI ski instructor

  • Rental Off-road rollerskis

  • Rental ski poles, elbow, knee, hand protectors

  • 6 nights accomodation at "Hald Hovedgård" (private room)

  • All meals from dinner on 16. october to breakfast 22. oktober. Breakfast will be of a simply standard: musli/oats/yogurt and bread with toppings. Every day participants will make and bring lunch pack for trip. Dinner will be brought be a catering company.

  • Transport during the course 

What is not included

  • Transport to/from Hald Ege at Viborg, Denmark

  • Snacks for all days

  • Backpack (has to be big enough to contain water, food, snacks for a full day outside)

  • Warm and waterproof clothing for being outside a full day in autumn weather

  • Solid running/walking shoes or hiking boots

  • Bicycle helmet

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