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Glacier and Wilderness
6 days

Hike a full day on the Greenland Ice Cap

See the Ice Cap from the most spectacular viewpoints

Explore Unesco Heritage landscape of Aasivissuit - Nipisat

Hike through untouched Greenland nature

Good chances of spotting wildlife, Reindeer, Musk-Oxen, Arctic Hare, Polar Fox, Numerous Bird Species


This is a true wilderness trek, where we will only sleep in tents. We will carry everything we need for the whole trip in our backpacks.

We will be hiking almost the entire time within the new Unesco World Heritage landscape of Aasivissuit-Nipisat.

This trek will go though very untouched nature, and we are likely to encounter animals such as Reindeer, Musk-Oxes, Polar Foxes and numerous bird species.

From Kangerlussuaq airport we will take a taxi eastwards to the ice sheet.

The rest of day 1 will be spent exploring the ice cap by hiking on it.

On day 2, we will start our hike northwards, hunting for the most spectacular views of the Greenland ice cap.

After hiking northwards for 3 days, we will slowly start to turn back, and hike for 2 days through the untouched wilderness back to Kangerlussuaq airport.


Together with an experienced Arctic Nature Guide, you will on this trek have a unique chance to experience the untouched nature of Greenland.

Who is this trek for

This trip is for those who wants a wild trekking adventure through the beautiful, but sometimes also very harsh nature of Greenland.

This trip is a relatively demanding trip because of it’s lenght -6 days, and because it is based on sleeping in tents, and carrying everything in our backpacks.

However on this trek it is highly valued to have time for enjoying the amazing Greenland nature! We will prioritize quite some time for having cozy afternoons and evenings, and have fun and enjoy life.

It is not the goal to walk very long distances, and be exhausted every day on this trek.

The daily hiking distance can vary from 10-13 kilometres. 

So you will need to be comfortable carrying a backpack weighing around 15 kilos for that distance over mountainous and rocky terrain, for multiple days.

So this trek is not an comfortable lazy trek, neither is it an extreme outing where walking too long distances per day is the main goal.

This trek is something just in between of those two extremes. Having time for enjoying and taking in the great nature of Greenland, is highly valued.


If in doubt of whether this trek suits you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price & Dates

Price: 6500 DKK pr. person




Latest arrival in Kangerlussuaq on the 14 of August & 4 September.


NB: it is not recommende to plan on leaving Kangerlussuaq earlier than the 21 of August & 11 September.

If interested in booking or having any questions, please contact me on:

Or phone:



Kangerlussuaq Airport (Sønder Strømfjord) is the main gateway to Greenland. And lies in the inland of Greenland.

Airgreenland has direct flights from Copenhagen.
Air Greenland

The airport used to be an old american military base, but after the cold war ended the Greenland govornment overtook the rule of the airport, and today it acts as a transfer airport for all travellers continuing to other cities in Greenland. That has turned the old military base into a small greenlandic city with a population of around 530, where most of these inhabitants are occupied with the airport.

However, there is almost endless untouched nature surrounding Kangerlussuaq Airport.
Thus making it a perfect destination for Trekking adventures in Greenland!

What is included
  • Services of a qualified Arctic Nature Guide

  • All glacier equipment

  • All meals on the trek starting from lunch on day 1 to lunch on day 6, including plenty of snacks for all days

  • Expedition equipment, tents, stoves and gas, cooking utensils

  • All safety equipment including: satellite phone and satellite emergency beacons

  • Taxi transfer to start of the trek

What is not included
  • Flights to/from Kangerlussuaq

  • Accomodation in Kangerlussuaq

  • Personal clothing & Hiking boots

  • Sleeping bag (minimum comfort temperature of minus 5 celsius)

  • Sleeping mat (minimum R-value of 3,5)

  • Backpack (minimum 70 litres)

  • Fishing rod/equipment

  • Trekking poles/Hygenics/Water bottle or camel back

  • Personal travel insurance (must included search and rescue)

  • Any extra expenses due to unforeseen events and changes (delayed flights, extra logistics and accomodation)

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