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Trekking Expeditions in Greenland

Ever since I was a child I have had a huge love for Greenland nature. This passion has driven me to create my own orignal Trekking Trips that I take great pride in conducting in the safest way possible

Exploring the wilds of Greenland by trekking

Why should you even consider going on a trekking trip in Greenland ?

Simply because the potential mental and physical rewards from going trekking or skiing in Greenland are huge. 

Some of the treks focus on exploring ancient Inuit hunting grounds, others involve complicated glacier travel. What all the treks have in common is that they seek out the unbelievably untouched and pristine nature of Greenland.

Living in Greenland as a child, I there developed a strong passion for the outdoors. Therefore I wish to share this passion by creating exclusive Trekking adventures in Greenland

Because of this passion for the outdoors and hiking in Greenland, I studied to become a qualified Arctic Nature Guide from the University in Svalbard.


After completing the Arctic Nature Guide qualification, I have worked many years as a climbing, glacier, ski and trekking guide in Norway and arctic Svalbard.


Combining the many years of outdoor guiding experience from arctic Svalbard and Norway, I have created my own specialized trekking trips in the untouched and wild nature of Greenland.

I hope very much to see you in the upcoming season!

Glacier trekking in Greenland

Greenland Trekking Trips

Vandring Grønland

Discover untouched nature where wildlife is abundant

Glacier and Wilderness - 6 days

Vandreture Grønland

Exploring ancient Inuit hunting grounds close to the Ice sheet

Glacier and Wilderness - 10 days

Gletsjer vandring Grønland - Brevandring Grønland

This is a wild and demanding trek with unreal spectacular scenery

Nunatak Glacier Expedition
12 days
Vandre ekspedition Grønland - Ekspedisjoner Grønland
Feel to contact me regarding creating your own exclusive adventure in Greenland
Custom Trekking adventures
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