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Norway Summer - Trips & Courses

Norway is simply an amazing country for doing outdoor activities. Whether you want to hike, climb, ski or explorer wild glaciers, Norway has some of the finest possibilities in the world for these activities. Further, aside from having stunning nature, norweigians also has a strong outdoor culture for travelling in the nature in a sustainable way. This "norweigian outdoor culture" could be called "Friluftsliv".
I have been trekking around on many of the amazing glaciers in the country for many years. Further it is more than a decade ago now that I started guiding people around on norweigian glaciers, aswell as teaching people to travel safely on glaciers themselves.
With my long experience as the foundation, I  take great pride in conducting all my trips & courses in the safest way possible.
Hope very much to see you on a trip in the future!
Upcoming Trips
Glacier course in Norway
Glacier trek in Norway
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