Ski Expedition Course - Norway 

Learn basic winter camping/navigation/safety routines and techniques

 Learn polar travel skills at Finse - 6 days

Ski with a loaded sledge in beautiful Norweigian nature
Good training for those thinking about a longer ski expedition in arctic regions


This is a basic winter expedition course. We will be skiing on "Nordic BC skis" and dragging all our equipment along in sledges. 

We will have 4 nights in tents outside in the depth of Norweigian winter.

The course starts with arriving at Finse train station on day 1. After arriving all participants will be lodge at the excellent self serviced cabin "Brebua". 

After being lodged we will start to pack and prepare everything for leaving the day after.

After everything is packed and ready, we will have dinner together in the cabin, followed by one night sleep in shared dormitory.

The day after we are leaving for 5 days of skiing and winter camping!

Arriving back early in the afternoon on day 6. Participants are leaving with the train in the afternoon and evening.

Who is this course for

This is a course with focus on learning all the basic skills for doing multi day tent-based winter ski trips!


The goal is not walking as long as possible everyday, and be completely exhausted when putting up camp.

Rather the emphasis is on making sure that all particiapants are getting all the basics right from the start!


Main themes are good winter camping routines/navigation/safety precautions/group management.


During the first days we will train mostly on making sure that the whole group learns how to ski and camp in cold winter conditions. And as we are becoming more confident in our newfound skills, we can increase the daily distances and having more focus on basic and advanced navigation lessons aswell as group mangament.


Thus we will build our skills in a gradual step-by-step way, making sure that we are never exceeding out capabilities as a group, for therein lies one of most important aspects of doing ski expeditions in wild arctic regions!

Dates & Price

Course price: 6000 DKK

Dates: 10 - 15 January 2023

Arriving at Finse on the 10 of January.

Leaving afternoon/evening on the 15 of January. 

If interested in booking, or having any further questions please contact me 


+47 48604292

Location & Transport


"Finse Station" is located at the great Hardangervidda. Winter starts early here, and there is a long tradition for using this place as a training ground for polar and himalayan expeditions.

Finse can only be accessed by train via the trainline that runs between Oslo and Bergen. Train tickets can be booked here:

Norweigian Train Company

It is thus possible to arrive in either Bergen or Oslo and then take the train from there to Finse Station.

What is included 

  • Services of a qualified Arctic Nature Guide

  • All meals from dinner on day 1 to lunch on day 6

  • 1 night accomodation in shared dormitory at Finse cabin (day 1)

  • Expedition equipment, tents, stoves, cooking utenstils, thermos bottle, snow shovel, sledges equipped with a drag system, harness for sledge

  • All safety equipment, including satellite phone, satellite beacons

  • Rental skis, ski poles, skins (NOT ski boots)


What is not included 

  • Transport to/from "Finse station" in Norway

  • Ski boots (must be very warm, and compatible with the binding system NNN BC
  • Personal clothing (must be able to cope with minus 30 celsius for multiple days
  • Sleeping bag (must have a minimum comfort temperature of minus 25 celsius)
  • Sleeping mat (minimum R-value of 6)
  • Personal Hygenics
  • Personal Travel insurance 
  • Any extra expenses due to unforeseen events and changes (delayed flights, extra logistics and accomodation)