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Ski Expeditions in Greenland 

Doing multiple day ski expeditions in the arctic certainly requires some willpower as well as a desire to discover the untouched nature of Greenland, and yourself. And hopefully make some new friends along the way

Exploring the wilds of Greenland by skiing

Why even consider going out and live in tents in minus 30 celsius and working hard with pulling along all your equipment in specialized pulkas, for days and weeks?

The answer is simple, because the potential mental and physical rewards from doing so can be huge!

Participating in ski expeditions with Thule Expeditions will require willpower to learn a whole new set of skills with regards to conducitng good winter travel and camping routines. It is expected that all participants are motivated for contributing in the most constructive way possible.

The guide will of course always be there to assist you and help you out.

ski in Greenland

Greenland Ski Trips

Arctic Circle Trail - Winter. Arctic Circle Trail - Vinter.
Ski expedition east Greenland. Ski ekspedition øst Grønland. Ski ekspdisjon øst Grønland.

This is a wild and demanding ski expedition with unreal spectacular scenery

Long ski trip in possibly the most scenic place on earth

Custom ski trips Svalbard

Feel free to contact me about your exclusive ski expedition on Svalbard

Custom ski trips Greenland

Feel free to contact me about creating your own exclusive ski expedition

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