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 Arctic Nature Guide that loves to do Trekking & Ski Expeditions in Greenland, and other arctic regions

Norway Hiking & Ski trips

Long experience in conducting wild glacier treks and ski trips in Norway

Greenland Wilderness Expeditions

Welcome to Thule Expeditions

Thule Expeditions is a guiding business that is based on a deep passion for Outdoor Expeditions in Greenland and Norway. Therefore I wish to share this passion by creating exclusive Trekking & Ski Expeditions in Greenland and Norway.

Arctic Nature Guide - Kristian Salomonsen

About Thule Expeditions

I lived some years in Greenland as a child, and there I developed a deep passion for outdoor life in the arctic. That passion led me to become a qualified Arctic Nature Guide from the University on Svalbard

About Thule Expeditions

Address: Somewhere in the wilds of Greenland/Norway/Svalbard


Phone: +47 48604292

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